Friday, March 6, 2020

Updating Your Horses

Don't Panic Your Horses Are Not Gone!!!!!!! 


Ok, guys, we're so sorry about the let's be nice and say 'glitch" this morning.  There is a NEW barn out, v3.0....this barn fixes the troubles the glitch caused AND fixes the issue of the horses not eating when they're supposed to.  The downside is that horses needed to be rolled back to the back up we did this morning, so you guys will lose a few hours on what progress your horses made.  We apologize for that.

Instructions And Update Information

If you log in and your horses are gone DO NOT PANIC!!!!!! just get the new home V 3.0 and delete your own home and hit the home and select try Updating, you will need to do this on other sims and ranches but DO NOT PANIC!!!!!!!! you can contact an available CSR for help and further information

There is a new update home available from the Darkmoon Breedables store this is version  V 3.0 please follow the below steps on how to update your horses (PLEASE NOTE) You will need to delete and update your horses on other sims too so any other markets you have horses at you follow the same instructions

Step One
Head to the Darkmoon Breedables main sim and pick up the barn which is called Darkmoon Breedable Horse Home V 3.0 and head back to your land delete the other home from your sim and rez the new one

Step Two
Delete all horses and empty your trash, then click the home and select try updating and your horses should now start to appear into the home and once they get stats they should revert back to there the last location, if you have horses on other sims and ranches you will need to head on over drop your home delete those horses also and try update from the home again

Final Step
As always don't assume the home may set on your horses always set home on your horses again just to make sure that they are fully set to their home position just as a precaution also any horses you have at markets for sale will need to be set for sale again on the hud, 

CSR teams are on hand to help with any questions or problems but please make sure to give them time to respond as the questions may very well be flooding in you can also fill in a notecard with your name and question and drop into the main Darkmoon Breedables mailbox at the sim

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