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What is classed as a trait, well its simple anything that the horse got through breeding for instance, when you buy a starter they have a trait which is a Darkmoon brand but when the horse is breeding and it gets other info like Eyes/Coats these are set as different traits.

Coats: These are traits that you get trough breeding for instance if you breed a Palamino and a Palamino you have a chance to get a palomino coat but it is not guaranteed you could pull any coat from the server the stringer your generations and your lineage the purer your coats will be so breeding them back in pulls out the same coat further down the line.

Eyes: This is the same as the coats the more you breed an eye out the stronger it gets trough the generations, you could pair two horses together and get a totally random eye but breeding the linage down the line will ensure a stringer eye if you're looking to bring out a special eye

Body Type: This is a new trait that has come out on the new starters all starters start with a thoroughbred body this can be passed through breeding to other horses there is a lot we still don't know and are waiting to bred out so watch this space for updates

Eventing: With the release of racing coming soon there is now an eventing skill which is classed as a trait that has been added so far we have seen racing but there will be a lot more I'm sure maybe horse show jumping, or parades this is all linked to you training your horse and breeding your horses to release those skills and traits

Generations: This is your lineage all starters start at gen zero. if you breed two gen zero you get a gen one if you breed two gen one you get a gen two, two gen two will give you a gen 3, etc it is important to remember that if you breed a gen one and gen two you will get a two you have to breed two of the same gens in order to get the next-gen, this is a lineage and this is a way to make your horses pure down the line and cement specific traits

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