Getting Started

DarkMoon Breedables

Congratulations on your purchase of our wonderful, highly realistic breedables! You’ll notice as you unpack your box that we’re not like most other breedables.  Mainly, because there is no box.... 

You will want to make sure you grabbed the nonbreedable food for your babies (the orange bale) and the comm node and the hud.  Your hud will be how you handle most of the needs of your horse,  you can also  cam out to your horse and click on it, if you’re not near it, and the information will populate,  you can even call your horse to  you.

First what you'll want to do after purchasing the food, salt, and horse pack is to pick up the hud, comm node, and home. After purchasing your horse/s take note of the numbers that appear in local chat as you may need them, call it a security blanket.  It will help insure that you get all of your horses as you can check the numbers in the hud when you click a horse after it rezzes. 

Drag the Home out of inventory and place where you want. 
Drag and place your comm node .  
Drag and place the food
Wear your hud - your hud is your horse information center

Click on the Home, which is the barn,  and  you will get a blue dialog box, press  Rezz Starter.  Once a horse appears, using your hud, click on the baby, scroll to the last page,via the bright pink button at the upper right corner, and set movement and animations,  then move it to where you would like it to be.  Set home, and then call it to you.  This insures that the horse is rezzed fully and correctly.  Continue until all the horses you purchased have been rezzed. 

Horses mature at 5 days old, at that time they will need the breeding food which they will automatically switch to, so make sure you have that set out. They retire at 90 days.  Once a horse retires they will automatically switch to the non-breeding food, so make sure you have it set out within the horses range. 

You will partner your horse (should you wish to breed selectively) through the HUD, BUT do take care…once partnered, the horses cannot  be un-partnered until the mare is pregnant.  At that time the partnering will dissolve on the male’s side and he will start ardoring  up and be ready to be paired with another mare. The mare will not show as available until after she has dropped her baby.  The pregnancy will last 3 days.  There is a recovery period of 2 days once a baby has been born, at that time the mare will ardor up to be able to breed again which will take 3 days.  

The horses do auto-breed, so if you are saving a particular horse for a particular mare it's best to separate them or partner them up, otherwise they will auto breed with whichever horse is ready at that time. 

Selling horses will also be via the HUD, utilizing the Sell button.

All babies are born live.

IF  one of your horses goes missing you have the power to redeliver it to you via the Home. Provided you have the horses number.  If not please contact a csr on duty to put in a request for re-delivery. 

Babies automatically eat non-breeding food until they mature at which point they will automatically switch to Breeding Food, so make sure you have it out and ready.  There is no “penalty” for the babies to be eating the non food….we just feel that since they can’t breed, they shouldn’t have to have the breeding food.  Additionally retired horses will automatically switch to non breeding food.

Selling and Buying Horses

1. Open the Hud and touch the horse to sell 
2. Tap the hud to page 3, using the bright pink button in the upper right corner, and click the sell button on the bottom left. 
3. From the pop up set the price(there is a minimum sell price of $500, anything less will not be accepted) and if you know the buyers name set that too or just set to anyone
4. Set the horse for sale
5. Once the buyer has paid, the original horse will poof. So the buyer needs  to make sure they take note of the horses number.  After purchase they click the home to get the blue box and type in the new horses number.  And the horse they purchased should appear.
6. Congratulations!

Get horses number from the seller, OR take note of it from your HUD
1. Take note of the horses number via your hud.  Pay the fee. 
2. Rezz a home.
3. Click on the home. Choose re-delivery from the blue pop up box. Enter the number.
4. Click on the horse tab to the third page of your hud.  Set animations and movement.  Then move your horse to where you would like it and set home.  After home is set call the horse to you to insure it is loaded correctly.  
5. Congratulations on your new horse.


Yes we have potions here is a list and what they do.  Please note that you can use them on both genders(except for the Horserian) and more than one can be used at one time on a single horse. 

Ardor boost potion.  This will raise the heat in both females and males 5% faster.

This potion is a pregnancy booster.  When you feed this potion it cuts down the gestation period by 5%.  So your babies will be born sooner. 

This potion boosts your horses energy by 10%, or buy 100% if you buy that one

Vitamin Hor-C
This potion cures your horse if they get sick.  One potion will raise the health by 25%.  So if your horse is at 0 you will need more than 1 potion to restore to full health. 

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