Using The Hud

Once you have added the hud you can then click your horse and it will display the info of your horse we will go through each step of the hud so you know exactly what it means and how it works as you can see below I have picked one of my own horses and its displayed its stats.

This is the first page so let us go through the items

Owner: This displays the owner's information as you can see i own the horse

Species: lets you know what the horse is this can change in the future as we get more stuff maybe some fantasy Species but for now it all says Darkmoon Horses

Pet name: This will display the name of the pet by default it will say baby/foal but you can change the name and we will get to that

Horse Number: This is very very important and this will be the ID of your horse trough the server, when you buy horses at first you will get numbers in chat these are used to redeliver your horses trough your home, it is important to keep track of the horse numbers encase you have issues and need support or you sell the horse and the new owner cannot get the number you can provide a backup to them which is a very nice thing to have

Gender: Shows you the gender of the horse male or female this can also be seen as well as some other stats in then hover text above the horse's head.

Age: Displays the age of the horse this can also as well as other stats be seen on the hover text

Life State: This is what tells us the state of the horse as you can see it says Juvenile this means it is below age 5 and is classed as a baby

%State: this tells us that the horse is in the Juvenile state and once it reaches 100 it will be an adult and ready to bred as you can see mine is at 66% which means my horse is age 3 once at 100 my horse will be age 5

Food/Health/Happiness/Water: These are all part of the breeding cycle of your horse each one plays a specific part if your horse is hungry it gets sick/ if it is not happy it will not breed/if its low health it will get sick it is very important to make sure you have food/salts/and other stuff required for your horse to be a happy little trooper revert back to the getting Started Page for more info

Moving onto the second page so let us go through the items

On the second page is where it displays the trait information body, coat, eventing, eyes if you click the traits text it will load the second set of traits, gender mane hands, etc and all other info about your horse, this is where things get fun because this is how you can sell your horses by letting people know what traits you have.

Again if you notice above the number under pet name, and below that it shows ID in white, if you click this you will get a readout in your chat showing all info like traits, eyes, etc how many babies the horse had mother and father info so you can track it down the lines this makes it a lot of fun for breeders working on lineage, specialty traits coats, etc

Moving onto the third page so let us go through the items

On this page, you have multiple options which we will go through and get you better explained this page is a work in progress and it will be updated as we go along.

Go Home: sounds harsh I know haha but it is just telling the horse to head back to its home position this means if the horse is following you and you want to send it home you can without picking it up and rezzing it again at your home location

Set Home: This allows you to set home on your horse it is important you set home on your horses because if you use movement and such you want them to be able to be near your home comm node and food.

Call: this allows you to call your horse no it won't pick up a mobile phone and chat about your day XD but it will simply come to you when you call it which is pretty cool

Set range: This allows you to set your horse range it is very very important to make sure your horse is in range of food, for example, if your food lets say is 200m in the air and your horse range is set to 100m it will not eat from the food and get sick, also if your horses movement and animations are on setting ranges means your horses will not travel too far from food/ salt and other horses

Movement: this allows you to set your movement on so your horse will walk around, Animations/Sounds/Animate will make the horse go through its sounds and poses and act like a real horse

Interact: This allows you to interact with your horse petting it etc to allow you to bring your horse's happiness up which is important for breeding and soon racing and eventing 

Attach: Allows you to attach your horse so you may ride it around and gain its speed up and happiness, detach detaches the  and puts it back in your inventory when you are finished riding the horse

Sanctuary: this is where you can send horses to a special sanctuary and get points for use in the future when Darkmoon release a vendor you can get sold/food and or limited edition horses this is a future plan which is very exciting

Sell: this is how you sell your horse, once you click sell you will be presented with a blue popup menu like below the minimum you cans ell a horse for is 500D$ this is to stop people killing he market and breeders at least making some D$ for sales

Let us break down the sell menu

Anyone: Allows you to ell to anyone that you like with Buyer Name allowing you to sell to a specific person, this is useful if you strike a deal with someone and they are waiting to get funds you can set the horse for sale to them and nobody can poach it from them

Price: This allows you to set your price minium 500 once you set the price it will bring you back to the menu and you will see another tab above buyer name that says set for sale once that's done your horse is set for sale.

No sale: If you wish to cancel the sale clicking this button will void the info and put the horse at no sale for you

And that's it for the hud any comments questions let us know.

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