Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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This is not an official Darkmoon Blog it is a community-driven work in progress to explain to seasoned and future breeders about Darkmoon Horses and Breedables, most of the info here can be found inworld and has been written officially by Darkmoon Breedables

Darkmoon Breedables have developed their entire line of horses using the Breedables Re-Imagined framework.  This framework is available to any creator that can make the pets but has no ability or staffing to code the entire lifetime of that pet, managing traits, features, abilities, etc.

Breedables Re-Imagined (BRI) is the first server-based, subscription-supported system for managing all the creatures that exist within the species you create.  BRI provides all the basic code to interact with the server, as well as the skeleton code a creator must modify to personalize their creatures.  You don’t need to change the server to make the system support your new coat or antlers.  You only update a notecard and let the tooling send that data to the server for you.  In just moments, new creature features can be born under your species subscription! Best of all, your subscription fee includes your server space! Darkmoon horses are but the first step of a much larger plan.  Under the umbrella of the Expanded Universe, we’re creating much more than just pets.  We’re creating interconnected systems of animals, plants, farming implements, RP systems and game systems and the virtual community of Digiworldz as a whole!.

We’re developing ways to tie all those interactive elements of a virtual world together.  We’re creating economic connections between those endeavors, as well as providing the animals that can become part of almost any activity. Mining, farming, ranching, medieval RP, space RP, Gor…you name the environment you immerse your virtual life in, and we’re finding a way to help you connect to many other virtual environments.

Darkmoon already has a donor’s foundation, providing money to help the less fortunate get involved with horses! The list of features to come to the Darkmoon horses in the future is huge, supporting all you could ever find in SecondLife, as well as so much more that you’ve never seen before!  Of course, we know you want to breed-specific animals.  We support that!  We know some of you want to race, and we’re supporting that.  But, did you ever plan to ride bucking broncos?  To race trotters?  Barrel riding?  Trick riding?  Equestrian jumping events?  What about jousting?  All that, and so much more, is coming from Darkmoon Breedables!Come with us, into the future you knew you wanted, but never thought you’d see.  Let one of these horses into your heart and see how much better your life becomes.  Become part of the Darkmoon family and help us understand the things you most want in your virtual world.  Wherever we can, we’ll be providing for those exact needs!

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